Monday, June 21, 2004

Why Nerds are Unpopular

Okay, okay, I know I haven't posted lately. Between trying to get my upcoming Vampire game ready and trying to find a job, I've just been too damn busy. Once I have the game in a more coherent form, I'll write it up here, though . . . sans secrets for those of you who are playing in it.

Anyhow, while we're on the topic of role-playing games, social ostricization, and horrible childhood trauma, I ran across an absolutely fantastic article, entitled Why Nerds are Unpopular. Everyone should read this. Parents, children, students, and teachers. Everyone. Teachers should read it twice. Nerds should read it five times. It's something Lucy and I have been planning on for a while, but reading this article really cemented my desire to homeschool any kids I have.

It's an odd position for a liberal who believes so strongly in public education to take, I realize. It's not that I think homeschooling will give my kids a better education (although there's certainly that possibility) so much as I'm utterly unwilling to subject my kids to the kind of social torture that Junior High School creates. I'm all for cleaning the system up and trying to actually punish bullies instead of rewarding them, but until that time, no. Hell no.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you married now? to one person?

12:48 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I read your comments and I want to know what sort of school districts you are substantiating these comments with. Also I want to remind you that we all went through junior high and teasing didn't scar us for life. We can't protect children from everythign and then let them become adults that have absolutely no idea how to deal with the adversities of life in the real world.

I too consider myself liberal, and though I do not have any children of my own, I hope to some day. At that time I will send them to public school, but I will also be conscious of where I chose to live and what sort of school district is available there.

9:15 PM  
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