Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Wrong Side of History

Kevin Drum, as he often does, nails the connection between anti-miscegenation and anti-SSM folks.

What surprises me isn't that opponents of same-sex-marriage are so willing to go to ridiculous extremes to stem the tide of progress. I mean, readiness to go to ridiculous extremes is, like, the definition of crazy-ass fanatic. So no, I'm not surprised by that.

What I must admit I am surprised by, though, is that they've not figured out that they can't win this one . . . not in any kind of long-term way. My impression of America's Right (perhaps just of late) has been that their main 'principle' is 'win at any cost.' I mean, they arguably control all three branches of government, so they can do whatever they like, right?

Well, what are we seeing? Huge, massive explosions in government spending, contra any 'small government principle' we've heard about in the past. Why? It gets votes. People like lower taxes, but they don't like lower services, so the modern Republican Party just says, "heck we'll do both!"

It's possible that I am not the first person to notice this.

Anyway, this brings us back to same-sex-marriage. There's just absolutely no way that we're not going to see fairly widespread same-sex marriage within the next ten or fifteen years. I'm betting national, but if not, certainly a bunch of states. We've already got Massachusetts, after all, Mitt Romney not withstanding. Well, as soon as a little time has passed and we've got some proof that SSM won't lead to mass extinction through lack of heterosexual copulation (or whatever their argument is this week), I think we'll see public opinion start to shift . . . and, once again, the Republicans will have painted themselves solidly as the party of discrimination, separatism, and bigotry.

The thing is, they have just got to know this. I mean, say what you will about them, but they're not dumb, so why would they sabotage any future claim to big-tent inclusion like this? Weird.


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